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Healthy Living RX:

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Hair Removal - Unwanted body hair can negatively influence a person's self-esteem. Our recommended formula removes body hair painlessly.

Acne Treatment - A cream that will improve the condition of your skin inside and out.

Sleeping Pills - Lack of sleep is the second leading preventable cause of traffic accidents. It is important for your well being to be well rested.

Diet Pills - Being overweight can cause an unhealthy heart and lifestyle. Losing a reasonable amount of weight can add years to your life.

Quit Smoking - This is the leading cause of preventable deaths. We highly encourage smokers to consider quitting. This is especially important if you have children, as second hand smoke is as lethal as first hand smoke.

Hair Loss - Nearly all men report being depressed and down when it comes to hair loss. They worry about how they appear to loved ones and strangers. This is treatable.

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